-100% pure shark cartilage 

Introducing BeneFin -100% pure shark cartilage processd a totally new way using Lane Labs' exclusive "organic technology." 

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Clinical strength BeneFin, Not just 100% pure, 100% active.

This revolutionary technology works on a microscopic level to naturally remove meat and other contaminants while insuring maximum protein potency. 

Consider the BeneFin advantage to conventionally processed shark cartilage: 
- The most potent shark cartilage with 30% more cartilage protein, gram for gram. 
- Fresh, clean taste and smell. 
- Full potency maintained. Nothing that harms the delicate integrity of shark cartilage protein is used on BeneFin. No strong chemicals, bleaches, enzymes in processing or excessive heat, radiation, or ethylene oxide for sterilization. 


Lane Labs' process captures "difficult to clean ' protein rich cartilage material, commonly discarded by other brands using conventional methods.

Lane Labs, new state of the art technology makes BeneFin a signifigantly better pure shark cartilage product.

The BeneFin Solution 

We recognize the problems consumers have with conventional shark cartilage, and Lane Labs was formed to naturally engineer the solution. Working with leaders in the fields of marine biology, biochemistry, and natural food science world-wide we developed break-through organic technology. BeneFin is produced in Australia, world renowned for its extremely strict food quality standards. 

To make a truly all natural shark cartilage supplement, it only makes sense to use an all natural process. Lane Labs doesn't use any strong chemicals, radiation, or ethylene oxide. We believe no other company can make that claim.

Questions And Answers!
If You Have Questions Not Answered Here? 

Call 727 391-3958
between 2 and 6 P.M. EST. After you place your order our health counselors will be happy to talk with you. 

When should I take BeneFin?
For maximum absorption, divide your daily dose of BeneFin into thirds and take on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals, morning, noon and night.

Is there a difference between BeneFin powder and caplets?
BeneFin is the same in either powder or caplet form. The all natural binding agents added to make BeneFin caplets don't change the rate of absorption.

How do I take BeneFin powder?
BeneFin powder is milled to an ultrafine mesh so that it mixes easily and completely Use the 6 gram scoop provided in each bottle to measure BeneFin powder, add to 4 to 6 ounces of chilled water or fruit juice.

Does making BeneFin endanger sharks? 
Sharks are an abundant species and an important food resource throughout the world. The cartilage used in BeneFin comes from sharks caught for food, not for their cartilage. Lane Labs is committed to the responsible usage and conservation of the world's shared resources.

What should shark cartilage smell and taste like?
Shark cartilage is a seafood product so one should expect a fresh fish taste and smell (like BeneFin]. A strong offensive smell indicates substantial bacterial contamination from spoiled shark cartilage raw material, or incomplete removal of muscle, nerve and blood vessel tissue. 

How does BeneFin compare with bovine cartilage products?
Makers of bovine cartilage (from cattle trachea) incorrectly compare research on their products with shark cartilage, since they admit the two products work differently Shark cartilage research focuses on the action of cartilage protein ­ bovine studies, on the effects of mucopolysaccharides. 

Making bovine cartilage involves protein denaturing processes using acetone and alcohol!, so there is little or no active cartilage protein. Bovine researchers agree that bovine products have little antiangiogenic effect.

How does BeneFin compare with other shark cartilage brands7
Among " 100% pure" brands, BeneFin has the most cartilage protein ­ 44% by weight verses 34% for the best of the conventional brands. Liquid shark cartilage brands are over 99% water and less than 1% protein. Because BeneFin is the only shark cartilage made via an all natural, chemical free process, the full potency of natural cartilage protein is maintained. No other cartilage brand can make that claim.

Why is BeneFin best?
BeneFin is the only shark cartilage made through a revolutionary all natural process to insure maximum potency. Lane Lab's natural products biochemists in Australia developed the exclusive "organic" process, and that country's health and food quality processing regulations are the world's most stringent Other brands have lowered prices to match BeneFin, but they can't match BeneFin's potency

What research is being done on BeneFin? 
Lane Labs is leading the research to understand the science of shark cartilage and to prove the effectiveness of BeneFin. BeneFin is the only brand of shark cartilage used in worldwide hospital studies including those in the US.

For more research information... Research

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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